Designing a contemporary refresh of the web presence of a global financial firm.

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Client / DC Advisory
Concept Development
Respsonsive Web Design
Icon Illustration

Key Detail / Early Concepts

The early concepts were built on the back of extensive research into the clients requirements for the site and the approach their industry peers take to the web. Through substantial mood boarding - that covered current web best practices, 

future-facing new technologies and how best to adapt the clients brand for the web - we were able to forge a strong design direction.

Key Detail / Layout

As lead designer on the project I was able to successfully translate my ideas and thinking from the early concept stage into a contemporary, clear solution that lofts the client's web presence far above that of its industry rivals. Working in London for Skylark Creative we created a site that sleekly contains 6

languages of content, in-house produced video, 10+ years of financial transactions as well as the usual corporate site features such as staff and office information.


Key Detail / Responsive

Each page of the site was designed from the ground up with responsiveness at the forefront of all thinking. By designing a flexible grid that allows content to shift and reposition, the final web site appears seamlessly across a wide range of

screen sizes and devices. One of the keys to achieving this was sketching and designing every page in 4 variations based on breakpoints within the grid e.g. Wide screen, laptop, tablet and mobile.

Key Detail / Iconography and Infographics

As well as the page layouts we also produced various icons and infographics to represent the sectors and transactions the client was involved in.

See the final solutions below with modern line-art style iconography and playing card inspired transaction promo blocks.